Sylvia Sanchez struggled with weight her entire life. One day, she decided she needed to make a change in her life.

Sylvia joined The Training Center and started with cardio. In three months, she lost 20 pounds. But she knew she needed more. Sylvia commented that she was so afraid of the weights and so afraid to challenge herself. Fred Smalls approached her and asked for the chance to show her what Above & Beyond Physiques could do for her. Sylvia stated, “That was the day everything changed for the better.”💪🏻

Sylvia has worked with Emily Cason and has lost 60 pounds. Sylvia felt a unique connection with Emily. Sylvia commented, “Emily pushes me to a place I never bought I could be. I am no longer afraid to challenge myself and achieve new goals. I feel confident, stronger, fitter, and absolutely amazing. I’m 48 years old and look better than ever.”💪🏻

Sylvia found a family in the trainers with Above & Beyond Physiques - a family that has inspired her throughout her fitness journey. Her focus in life is her nieces, nephews, and herself. She commented, “I love Emily and I love Above & Beyond Physiques for the way they have transformed my life

Courtland Foos suffered from severe neck and back injuries resulting from a car accident in 2017. For 3 years, he suffered both physically and emotionally from the trauma of the event. 💪🏻

In January 2020, he told himself, “It’s time to do something.” Through happen chance, he found Above & Beyond Physiques. According to Courtland, that was the day his life truly began.💪🏻

Courtland had no experience in training nor eating right. With Rashaad Scott and the AB Physiques TEAM, he found a “family, a community of supporters” that encouraged and inspired him to do the impossible.💪🏻

Courtland trains with Rashaad 3 times per week and loves the “energy and the vibes” from the Above & Beyond Physiques TEAM. He stated, “I have experienced a personal transformation beyond anything I thought possible. My mindset and my focus is better than ever.”💪🏻

The proof is in the pictures. The transformation in the pictures has taken place over 5 months.💪🏻

Danielle Cedeno always loved sports. For her, sports was an avenue for fitting in, but she was never truly focused on her physical fitness.💪🏻

An NCAA volleyball career at Keystone College introduced her to strength training. This introduction sparked an interest. But it was her trainer and brother Tom Cedeno that fueled her passion.💪🏻

Danielle’s goals have changed over time. From power lifting to a physique competition, Danielle has embraced her training with Tom & Above & Beyond Physiques. She commented, “Training with Tom and Above & Beyond Physiques has been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. They have helped me realize not only what my body is capable of, but what I am capable of doing. Tom is not only a brother. He is my hero.”💪🏻

Danielle is a member of the United States Air Force. We thank you for your service.

Jenn Robinson met Kate at a wedding expo event in March 2019. She was getting married in 2020. After receiving a free consultation and meeting the Above & Beyond Physiques TEAM, she became addicted to training and to the results.💪🏻

Jenn was initially interested in toning, but her goals have changed over the last 18 months. She has embraced powerlifting and aspires to compete. 💪🏻

Jenn trains with Kate 3 times per week. Jenn commented, “Kate and everyone at Above & Beyond Physiques are so easy to talk to. Kate is a great motivator. She makes you want more. She knows how to keep you going. When I’m with Kate, I feel an incredible adrenaline rush. She knows how to get results out of me. I even invited her to my wedding. It’s not just business. She is my friend and she is simply amazing.” 💪🏻

Angela Rhoades has trained with Fred Smalls and the Above & Beyond Physiques TEAM for 10 years. Initially, her interest in training was simple: “I wanted to get in shape.”

Angela’s goals have evolved, but her motivation and commitment to the results continues to fuel her passions. Angela drives 30 minutes from New Jersey three times weekly to train. She commented, “Training with Fred and the AB Physiques TEAM has helped me mentally, emotionally, and has taken my confidence to a new level. The adrenaline rush I experience each and every time is like a high. Fred is so upbeat and has a contagious, positive outlook on life.” 💪🏻